I am available for workshops!

I offer Pop-Up workshops for people of all ages.

In the past I have given workshops all over the world. I have taught in Japan, Denmark, the United States, on Baffin Island and New Zealand!

Note that I also teach school half-time, so some days are not available for workshops. Pop-up cards are fun to make! My workshops combine a number of things. I start with a description of my work and its development. Then I show pop-up books and pop-up cards. The main part of the workshop is a hands-on session of making pop-up cards. I teach the steps of making various cards in a slow and simple manner. Everyone ends up with one or more cards depending on the length of the workshop. I always bring lots of feathers, glitter, sequins and decorating materials. Children and adults have always enjoyed the creativity of making pop-ups in the workshops.

School Workshops

I prefer classroom groups for 1/2 hour to one hour sessions. I often do 4 to 5 sessions in half a day. The best situation for me is to have one location (library or classroom) with classes coming in for periods of time. I have done many schools and will teach classes from kindergarten to high school. Pop-ups can be adapted to any age level. Schools can supply glue and paper. I have enough scissors for one class. Half-day sessions and full-day sessions are available.

Library Workshops

I prefer groups no larger than 25 children. I will do back-to-back workshops if there is a large registration. I show my books, pop-up books and cards and then do a hands-on workshop. Workshops are one hour long. Some cities have asked me to do workshops for a number of libraries during a limited period of time. In one area, I did 8 workshops over a period of 2 days during a school holiday.

Teacher and Librarians’ Workshops

I have done many workshops for teachers and librarians over the years. I have also taught Girl Guide leaders the skills of pop-ups. I do one or two hour workshops and will supply the materials if I am reimbursed for the cost of paper, glue and decorations. I have taught large groups, using a microphone. Tables and chairs are needed for workshops.

Demonstrations and Talks

I have done many public demonstrations at conferences, folk festivals, bookstores and schools. My workshops have lasted from a half hour to one full week. I have taught workshops in Japan, Baffin Island, United States and Canada.

I love to travel, and if my travel expenses and accommodation are covered, I am open to doing workshops in other countries. Please email me at for costs and more details.


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