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Easy To Make Pop-ups
Author – Joan Irvine
Illustrator – Barbara Reid
Publisher – Dover Publications
Available at and www.doverpublications.comWith the help of this easy-to-follow book, you’ll soon be creating lots of entertaining projects- from a simple pop-up valentine, an opening flower, a moving trapeze and a fire-breathing dragon, to your own pop-up zoo. Step-by-step instructions, accompanied by helpful black-and-white drawings, show how to create folds, layers, coils and tab mechanisms.

How To Make Super Pop-ups
Author – Joan Irvine
Illustrator – Linda Hendry
Publisher – Dover Publications
Available at and
These dynamic pop-up designs take the charming element of surprise a step farther, with patterns that slide, turn, spring and snap. More than thirty projects include a dragon that turns into a bird, an albatross, a robot, skyscrapers, a castle and other enchanting models. This book has instructions for double cutting, attaching bases and creating sliding strips.

Outside the Box
Author – Joan Irvine
Illustrator – Linda Hendry
Publisher- Dover Publications
Available at and
With step-by-step instructions and hundreds of illustrations, this book can help you transform a cardboard box into many things such as a puppet stage, sports car, airplane, robot, dragon and a musical box band.

The Bruce Peninsula Nature Workbook
Author – Joan Irvine
Illustrator – Joan Irvine
Publisher – The Ginger Press
Available at The Ginger Press, Owen Sound, ON
A world of discovery can be found on Canada’s Bruce Peninsula. The Bruce Peninsula Nature Workbook will help the junior naturalist locate, identify, and learn about many of the plants, rocks, animals, and other features that combine to make the Bruce one of the world’s unique natural formations. The Workbook encourages the urge to explore, with a wide variety of things to make and do, including:

  • hiking trips
  • a year-round guide to plants and flowers
  • a pull-out book about pond life
  • how to identify fossils
  • recipes for wild edibles
  • starting a nature notebook
  • games and activities

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