Why are you called “The Pop-up Lady”?

Many children cannot remember my real name, so they call me “The Pop-up Lady”.

Why do people like pop-ups?

Pop-ups are magical. They delight people and make them laugh. There is an element of wonder about pop-ups.

How can I make a pop-up card?

You can find the instructions for two of my pop-up cards on the Internet. To make a pop-up mouth, go to:
Joan Irvine: MAKE A POP-UP
If you would like to learn more about making different kinds of pop-ups, you may find my books available at several Internet bookstores. Here are some that carry my books:

(search Joan Irvine)

Barnes and Noble

What is the age range for your books?

The back of the books say 6 to 12, but many adults use my books for making pop-up cards.

What are your books like?

My books are instruction books on how to make pop-up cards and pop-up books. One of my books is about how to make things out of boxes.

How are pop-up books made?

They are often published by an American company but printed and put together in Colombia, China or Mexico.

Is there an organization that is involved with pop-ups?

Yes, There is an organization called The Movable Book Society in the United States. They have conferences and newsletters dedicated to pop-ups. Here is the address:
The Movable Book Society,
P.O. Box 11654,
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08906

Can you suggest some good web sites about pop-ups?

I’ve made a list of favourite sites on my awards and links page.

Do you do workshops?

Yes, I love to teach and I have done workshops across North America and as far away as Japan. Please check my workshops page for all the details.


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