Riding the Night Horse

Hi, this is my new blog! I have been working with collage lately.

Here is one of my pieces.



About joanirvine

Pop Up Author, Artist and Educator living in beautiful Big Bay, Ontario, Canada.
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3 Responses to Riding the Night Horse

  1. viola gionet says:

    Very dear Joan…from years ago.
    It is Viola.
    I LOVE YOUR COLLAGE, i happen to think highly of such art.
    How are you and all the family?
    Much love for now.

    • joanirvine says:

      Hi Viola,
      What a surprise! How are you? Are you still in British Columbia?
      I have been working on collage lately and have actually been selling a number of them.
      I am retired from teaching now and have been doing a lot of art. Elly has two children named Lily and Koen so I also do a lot of babysitting. I’m so glad that you like my art!

      • viola gionet says:

        HELLO JOAN,
        I am sorry that it took so long to reply. I don not have
        a computer at home. So glad to hear from you. For
        some reason I decided lately to ¨look¨ you up on the
        internet to see what you are up to.
        Congratulations on the marketing of your art. Collages
        are so exciting.
        I happened to look up Elly and saw what she is doing, it is
        amazing. I would so much love to see her at work manipulating
        those tiny pieces and the intriging photography that create
        the much alluring light to enhance the work.
        I also went to see what Steve is doing. Of course I am not surprise
        by so much talent. And I leraned that Elly ahd a festure article
        in the Oprah magazine. Wow. How did this happened. It will
        probably be quite a stepping stone for her.
        And yes you have grandchildren, quite lovely another generation.
        How is Seth? And your brother sister, mother. Well I guess a few
        people in your family.
        I have been living in Montreal since 2006 I think. I do not
        like it here. British Colombia has a much better quality of life
        with a mentality and values that are important and dear to me.

        It would be awesome to see each other, don’t you think?
        It makes me smile. We would laugh at whatever perhaps the sheer
        liking of being together.

        So you are still living in that nice church.
        My tuime is up now at the library.
        Keep well and your family. Happy Holidays
        Hugs and kisses,from Viola

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